THCA Tangie Kush

Tangie Kush High THCA flower

$10 gram


Ingested vs. Inhaled

Ingested HEMP DERIVED THC will take approximately 30 minutes for effects to be felt but can last as long as 6 hours. Inhaled HEMP DERIVED THC allows for fast absorption thereby giving quick relief. However, the inhaled effects will only last about an hour and a half. In addition, there is alot of waste with inhaled HEMP DERIVED THC due to the exhaling of non-absorbed HEMP DERIVED THC. There is no waste when HEMP DERIVED THC is ingested. Pinky's recommends utilizing a hybrid technique thereby using HEMP DERIVED THC vapes and gummies. Puff the HEMP DERIVED THC vape to get the relief you need and then pop a gummy to have the effects last for upto 6 hours. Live long and prosper.................

Delta 8 Flower ?

Everybody is asking me what's the best way to get high on CBD flower. As you may know the CBD flower must be infused with HEMP DERIVED THC after it is harvested, because it is illegal to be grown with HEMP DERIVED THC present. Although infusing the flower may seem elementary my dear Watson but believe me it is far from that. It can be sprayed on, dipped in, rolled in, dusted with shatter and even gassed. Gas infusion is the latest technique and the most preferred.


    Lab reports

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